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Google Can Read Flash!

In a recent interview with Stephan Spencer, Matt Cutts admits that Google is using Adobe Systems' Search Engine SDK technology to 'read' flash website content.

That fairly definite confirmation of how Google reads text within Flash files makes it possible to create Flash .swf files with some level of search engine optimization.
It used to be the case that we had our own, home-brew code to pull the text out of Flash, but I think that we have moved to the Search Engine SDK tool that Adobe Macromedia offers. So my hunch is that most of the search engines will standardize on using that Search Engine SDK tool to pull out the text. - Matt Cutts
There has been suspicion by Flash developers and SEO professionals concerned with .swf files, but this is the most direct and clear confirmation to date.

So, what does this mean? The implication is important: if Web developers--and specifically Flash developers--have the ability to test .swf files during development for textual SEO parameters, then Flash files can be designed to offer specific text to search engines and achieve quality rankings in the SERPS.

Stay tuned!

Updated 7.1.08

Adobe Says, Flash Now Search Engine Friendly

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