PPC Basics in 10 Minutes

One of my new favorite blog posts is SEOMoz's white board Fridays - think UPS whiteboard commercial only instead of experts talking about shipping, you have experts talking about SEO and PPC. I found Scott Willoughby's White Board on PPC Basics to be highly informative and thought I would share it as well. Enjoy!

SEOmoz Whiteboard Friday-PPC Basics with Tom Critchlow from Scott Willoughby on Vimeo.

Firefox 3 Download Day 2008

The official date for the launch of Firefox 3 is June 17, 2008. By pledging to Download Firefox 3 on Jun 17th you can join the cause and be part of a Guinness World Record.

Download Day - English

If you are looking for Firefox plugins to aid in your SEO efforts, check out the top 25 SEO Plugins for Firefox.

PPC Ad Copy Competition: Myanmar Cyclone Donation

Distilled wanted to do something to mark and bring attention to the launch of their new suite of PPC tools. But, they are bringing attention to their new venture by doing a bit of good - helping out with the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone appeal by catering to one of their strengths: PPC advertising!

So what does all this mean? A PPC ad copy writing competition of course! Based on the Myanmar Cyclone tragedy, whoever writes the best PPC ad for charity wins!

Here are the rules:

1. You write a blog post about the competition and include your competing ad(s) in the copy of the blog post - then link to it in Distilled's comments so they know of your desire to enter the competition. The purpose of your post is to spread the word about the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone appeal.

2. Ads must follow the Google Ads format: 25 characters headline (1st line), 35 characters 2nd line, 35 characters 3rd line.

3. Up to three ads may be submitted. However, make sure you rank your submissions as the ads may be limited depending on the number of entries.

4. The landing page you’ll be sending traffic to is http://www.worldvision.org.uk/.

5. They will be purchasing just one keyphrase: ‘Myanmar cyclone appeal’

6. Distilled will put all the ad entries into a PPC campaign with the Myanmar (Burma) cyclone donation page on World Vision as the landing page - deadline is Friday 13th June.

7. Distilled is also fronting the budget to run the PPC campaign for a limited time. The longer the campaign is run the better as it will lead to more donations (and more statistical significance for those competing!). So if anyone is interested in contributing to the PPC budget please get in touch.

8. The ad that performs the best and drives the most amount of traffic wins.

So, all that said, here are my entries from first to last:

{KeyWord:Myanmar Cyclone Aid}
Help Volunteers Rebuild Lives in
Myanmar with Just $25. Donate Today

Myanmar Cyclone Aid
2.4 Million Homeless and Hungry.
Help Cyclone Victims. Donate Today!

Myanmar Cyclone Aid
Their lives were changed in seconds
Help Provide Lifes Essentials

Let me know what you think of the ad copy! (Oh, and keep your fingers crossed we raise a large amount of funds for this terrible tragedy!)

Scam: Domain Listing Services Corp

I received a startling letter in the mail the other day. I register most of my domains via www.GoDaddy.com simply because I get a lot of discounts due to the number of domains I register. Regardless, I can only assume this company whores the 'whois' information from new domain purchases and then sends out a letter advertising their horrific services! If you received a letter that looks like this, BEWARE:

Directly from the letter:
Domain name submission with 8 key words/ phrases to 25 MAJOR search engines, quarterly search engine submissions

Directly from their website:
We submit your website 4 times a year to over 25 search engines and business directories like these below...
Google Yahoo MSN AltaVista Excite
About Overture Netscape Lycos HotBot
Quickseek Scrub The Web Search Hippo Alexa Web Search Metadata Search Spider
Search It Super Snooper Ultraseek Info Probe whatUseek Network

Before we go any further....THIS IS NOT A GOOD DEAL! NOT FOR $75!! NOT EVER!!
What are the issues with this? First off, when you submit your website to a search engine you don't get to pick 'key words / phrases'. You simply submit your URL (www.example.com).

Second, search engines have evolved tremendously since the 'early days' and the need to submit your website to search engines is no longer needed. Rather, gather a few links from some authority websites soon after you launch your new website and allow Google and Yahoo to find your website naturally by doing what they do best - following links to find new content.

Thirdly, and based on my second point, continually submitting your website to search engines (for instance the 'quarterly submissions' advertised above) IS SPAM and will only result in getting your website banned completely from the major search engines.

I was so bothered by the fact that this company, Domain Listing Services Corp, is making God knows how much money off of uneducated people I decided to do some digging.

  • Here is a great post from Danifer Web Services.

  • Here is another from HyperSensory.com which notes that DLSCorp.net also operates as ilscorp - Internet Listing Service Corp. - yes, another scam!

  • Yet another from Les Jones Blog (take the time to read through the comments! It is well worth it!)

  • Rip-Off Report: Domain Listing Service Corp - says it all!

  • Please feel free to contact the following organizations with your complaints:


    Better Business Bureau

    ZoneEdit - Their DNS host
    http://www.zoneedit.com or mail support@zoneedit.com

    WaveRiderHosting - their hosting company