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Internet Marketing Maturity Models

I came across this great search marketing maturity model by ION Interactive and decided to capture all of the available 'maturity models' in one place: search marketing, seo and web analytics.
The benefit of a well-defined maturity model is that it gives practitioners a common framework by which to assess their organization, benchmark it against others, and develop a plan for improvement. Often, there is not just one achievement associated with a particular level, but rather a series of capabilities across several dimensions.
Search Marketing Maturity Model:

Ion Interactive offered this image as a “open source” project so feel free to offer suggestions. Everyone in search could benefit from a common frame of reference that systematically slices up the complexity of search into a logical, unbiased maturity model.

SEO Maturity Model:

This SEO Maturity Model above from Search Enginuity will give you an idea of what makes up each level or stage of the SEO maturity model. Most importantly, this model will show you what to look for within your organization, and how to make the leap to the proceeding stage.

Web Analytics Maturity Model:

Another way to 'read' Gartner's web analytics maturity model presented by Bill Grassman at eMetrics San Francisco is to analyze the vendors themselves in comparison to what they data they can provide. Google Analytics is a level 1, most of level-2 and some of level-3 type of tool. Omniture will cover you up to most of level 4 if you use Test & Target, Discover, Genesis and imports/exports. Level 5 goes beyond web analytics (think Davenport's "Competing on analytics").



Anonymous said...

Hi, Jon -- thanks for the link to my search model and pulling together these other models into a single post. Both the SEO and the Web Analytics models were inspirations for my draft of the search marketing maturity model. Great to see them all together!

Jon Clark said...

@ Scott Brinker
My pleasure .. you did a great job with the model especially considering everything that comes into play when building a SEM campaign. Hopefully you'll get some thoughtful tips/ideas to continue the maturity models 'evolution'!


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Unknown said...

I built a Digital Marketing Maturity Model (DM3) a few months back that can be found at We recently took this to the Web Analytics Association board to see if they were interested in adopting it and devloping it into an industry standard. It's nice to finally see people recognizing that this is necessary in our industry - it changes the conversation from features/functionality of tools to the measurement and optimization disciplines.

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