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New Adwords Seminars

AdWords Seminars coming near you

I posted a quick blurb on Yahoo's free search marketing webinars yesterday so I thought I would give Adwords seminars a shoutout as well.

If you are ready to kick-start your AdWords account in 2008, be sure not to miss these AdWords Seminars. The seminars are offered by search marketing professionals who are also Qualified Invididuals in the Google Advertising Professionals program like myself. Sessions have just been added in St. Louis, Miami, Las Vegas, Denver, and San Francisco.

If you sign up 7 days before the seminar date Google is even throwing in a $50 AdWords advertising credit. (View the terms and conditions of advertising credits.)

You'll find more information about these seminars, including dates, course outlines, and registration instructions at On the site, you can browse through the schedule of upcoming seminars in the new handy calendar. If you would rather be informed when AdWords Seminars become available in your area, simply fill out this form.

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JoAnn Zarick said...

I attended one of the AdWords Seminar for Success in Charlotte, NC and I must say it was great and well worth the money! Be careful though and make sure if you are new to AdWords, take the beginner seminar first before leaping into the advanced topics.