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The Power of Anchor Text and SEO

So, I was browsing through one of my favorite blog sites, Search Engine Land, and stumbled upon a pretty cool posting.

It is always a struggle to explain SEO and its intricacies to clients with little to zero knowledge and even more so when you get down to the minute details - such as anchor text and why it should mention a keyword instead of your company name.

Below is a quick illustration that can help explain anchor text to anyone!

Having relevant keywords as the anchor text of a link is extremely beneficial to an SEO campaign. Because search engines depend on links as a sort of pathway around the Internet, anchor text helps categorize what a destination page will be about as well as what it may be relevant for in a search result.

This week's infographic demonstrates what anchor text is and how it can positively affect your rankings:


Graphic by Elliance, an eMarketing firm specializing in results-driven search engine marketing, web site design, and outbound eMarketing campaigns. The firm is the creator of the ennect online marketing toolkit. The Search Illustrated column appears Tuesdays at Search Engine Land.

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