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THE Best SEO Link Analyzer Tool

Update: So it's been almost two years since I wrote this post and with the Bing Yahoo merger approved there is rumor of Yahoo's Site Explorer being done away with. There have definitely been a number of link analysis tools that I've used since 2008 and I have finally found one that I can say is the best I have used in all the years I've been SEOing. Check out Market Samurai (they have a free trial) and while, I don't usually recommend paid programs (there are far too many great free tools) I think this tool is worth every penny! From keyword research, to keyword ranking to competitive analysis to link building this tool covers it all.

Every SEO knows that links are the secret sauce that promotes a decent website into a SERP dominator. Now, I don't often say "this is the best" simply because there are countless link developing/analysis tools out there but .... honestly, this is quite possibly THE best link analyzer tool I have ever seen.

The Link Diagnosis tool uses Yahoo Site Explorer data and is currently in BETA testing. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a paid version in the near future.

Considering it is still in BETA there are still a few bugs being worked out. For instance, to take advantage of all the tools features, a firefox plugin needs to be downloaded. Occasionally, when I run a report it asks me to download the Firefox extension to get the full report even though I have already downloaded and installed it.

According to the programmer, there is a limit of 5000 calls to yahoo per day per user(IP)- that should roughly be around 50 reports per user per day with the current setup. In all likelihood, that is the source of the bug.

Despite that one small problem, this is a seriously must-have tool in any SEOs toolbox!

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