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SEO Link Building Training Programs

I wanted to follow up my top list of search marketing associations post with some additional training associations that will surely help your Internet marketing knowledge base. Our friends at Link Building Best Practices has put together a comprehensive list of link building training programs.

The debate surrounding what links are best and the placement of those links will no doubt continue, BUT one thing we all know that link building is one of the keys to the success of websites on the Internet.

That being said,there is always more to learn about link building and you can’t learn it all from “experience.” In fact, trial and error could be the death of your business – too many mistakes while trying to develop link building strategies could tank your website and search engine rankings. Sure, you could tell yourself that you’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way, but that’s not going to take the sting out of a failed business venture.

There are a variety of link building programs available tailored to the needs of corporations, copywriters, advertising and SEO specialists that can provide you with the skills you need to build links that will work.

We Build Pages offers one or two day programs to give companies solid overviews of the link building process, SEO, competition strategies and search ranking factors. This is ideal for companies who want to begin “in house” programs.

Eric Ward offers personal evaluation of your company’s website and, in the two hour session, a link development strategy session, including evaluation of competitor’s sites and full reports. This is individual instruction by phone unless you opt for the six hour on-site training session, which includes six months of IM access for follow-ups.

Justilien Gaspard focuses heavily on link building and offers one-on-one training that features lots of in-depth discussion specific to your own business and site. Link bait and email campaigns are among the topics.

Search Engine College is less personalized and less expensive. This is a “nuts and bolts” of SEO and SEM with a wide range of courses you can take online that are self-paced and self-directed. There are also lots of valuable resources in PDF form that you can download. Covers more than just link building.

Sempo Institute is geared toward those who are looking at starting a career in SEO or SEM more than business owners who want to tweak their own websites. You can learn a lot here, but it will be of a general nature rather than specific to your company or industry. They also offer corporate training options for corporations who feel that their in-house marketing teams need refresher or advanced courses.

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