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Who Is Influenced by Sponsored Links & Why?

As a Search Marketer the ultimate goal is finding 'that' keyword combined with 'that' ad copy, combined with 'that' landing page that will achieve the desired result.

As the market evolves, click costs continue to increase and our target markets get smarter and 'hip' to sponsored listings on the web it is becoming more and more imperative that testing and research be undertaken to dig into not only what works but WHO makes it work. In other words, what are the demographics of the folks clicking through a search ad and achieving the desired result?

A new analysis of BIGresearch's (http://www.bigresearch.com) Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM 11) provides clarity on who uses sponsored links and their influence to purchase. 15,727 respondents participated in the latest SIMM survey and 1 in 10 (9%) said they are influenced or greatly influenced by sponsored links when searching for products/services on the Internet. Some of this data would argue that the integration of off-line and online mediums are becoming more and more imperative!

Here is a quick overview of the most significant findings: when compared to all adults 18+, those who are influenced by sponsored links tend to be younger, with an average age of 40.7 (vs. 44.8) with slightly lower incomes ($53,901 vs. $56,811) and 7.7% are students (vs. 6.1%). Those who are influenced also tend to be White/Caucasian (62.6%), while 22.1% are Hispanic, 19.5% are African American/Black and 3.8% are Asian.

Additionally, in the next six months, more adults influenced are anticipating life events and planning more major purchases than all adults.

Life Events within Next 6 Months

Consumers Influenced All
by Sponsored Links Adults 18+
-------------------- ----------
Yourself / your child starting college 12.3% 6.1%
Getting married 7.0% 3.5%
Expecting a baby 5.3% 3.0%
Retiring 3.9% 2.1%
Getting separated/divorced 3.7% 1.9%
Source: BIGresearch, SIMM 11

Planning Major Purchases within Next 6 Months

Consumers Influenced All
by Sponsored Links Adults 18+
-------------------- ----------
Computer 27.3% 16.7%
TV 25.7% 17.8%
Furniture 23.5% 15.8%
Vacation Travel 23.4% 21.4%
Car/Truck 23.1% 13.1%
Home Appliances 19.3% 11.7%
Digital Camera 17.6% 11.3%
Major Home Improvement or Repair 14.8% 11.8%
Jewelry/Watch 14.6% 7.5%
DVD/VCR 12.8% 7.9%
Stereo Equipment 11.3% 5.8%
House 10.8% 5.7%
RV/Boat 4.7% 1.7%
Source: BIGresearch, SIMM 11

"Consumers who are influenced by sponsored links appear to be on a mission due to some event in their lives. As a result, they are self-directed when using media, which is why they prefer digital media options that allow them to get the information they want when they want it," said Gary Drenik, President of BIGresearch. "Advertisers looking to reach people in the market to buy should look at this consumer segment as an important part of their ad mix."

Top 5 Areas for Online Searches (Regularly/Occasionally)

Consumers Influenced All
by Sponsored Links Adults 18+
-------------------- ----------
Maps/Directions 91.9% 91.2%
Clothing/Shoes 85.6% 71.2%
Product Information/ 85.5% 75.0%
Comparative Shopping (Non-Auto)
Travel 84.4% 77.2%
Movies 84.2% 71.0%
Source: BIGresearch, SIMM 11

Those influenced by sponsored links are most likely to be triggered by Magazines to start an online search (52.7%). Coupons (50.8%) and TV Broadcasts (47.5%) round out the top three.

Further analysis is available by clicking: http://info.bigresearch.com/.

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