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20 Must Have Pages for Every Blogger

I stumbled upon ProBloggers post regarding 20 Types of Pages that Every Blogger Should Consider and thought it would be a perfect follow up to the 52 Ways to Optimize Your Blog post.

It's important to note static pages are different from blog posts. The blog posts you create are dated and show up on your blog in chronological order. The static pages sit on individual web pages and are linked to from the navigation bar of your blog. These pages never move and the content stays the same until it is updated again.

I summarized a couple of my favorites but all 20 are definitely worth considering depending on the size of your blog and its readership.

1. About Page - perhaps one of the best uses of a blog static page. Having an about page is essential in my mind as it gives new readers to your blog a snapshot of who you are and why they should subscribe to your blog. This is the page that I go to every time I hit a new blog.

2. Contact Page - I’m amazed how many bloggers don’t have any way of contacting them on their blog. While I understand the temptation not to have one you could be missing out of wonderful opportunities by not giving readers, potential partners, press, other bloggers a way of contacting you.

11. Services Pages - If you offer services to readers then develop a dedicated sales page for yourself and link to it prominently on your blog. The example here is my Consulting page - a page I used to point to regularly. These days I don’t offer these services any more (due to workload) so have not promoted it for a while. I find that when you have a dedicated page to selling your services you can sell yourself much more expansively than just a quick mention elsewhere on your blog.

14. Sneeze Pages - one great way to propel people deep within your blog is to develop a Sneeze Page or a ‘Best of’ page that highlights some of the better articles on your blog around a particular theme. Put links to these pages on your sidebar or refer to them in posts and you’ll see your page impressions per visit

15. Testimonial Pages - if you’re selling something (even if it’s yourself) to have some sort of a testimonial page can be very worthwhile. People base buying decisions increasingly upon the opinions of others - so capture some of these opinions and present them.

Darren lists quite a few other options as well, though many apply only to certain types of blogs. I would advise reading the entire list! You are sure to stop at least one static page idea you haven't already implemented. If your blog publishes plenty of content, check out #8 and #9. If your blog is used to promote functions or you're a requested speaker, consider adding #16.


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