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Developing PPC Ad Copy That Converts

All too often there are posts talking about increasing quality score by doing this or that to your pay per click ad copy. But, what about actually getting sales from your ad copy? Shimon Sandler has a fantastic post about doing just that through a "Unique Selling Proposition" and its ability to dramatically increase conversions.

The USP concept offers consumers something desirable & different than the competition. The challenge is getting your USP stated in so few characters. You’re limited to 95 characters on Google.

There are 3 general principles behind a USP - Unique, Selling, and Proposition.

A classic example of a USP message is the M&M’s slogan: “The milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand” [56 characters].

He goes into much more depth covering each section. Its a great read and very refreshing from the normal 'ad copy' posts.

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