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Optimization Tips That Will Give Your SEO Rankings a Boost for the Holidays

With the Christmas holiday peaking around the corner, it still isn’t too late to tweak and optimize a dedicated holiday search marketing campaign. A few weeks ago I wrote about holiday retail PPC strategies as well as holiday ecommerce pay per click strategies. Today I wanted to focus on link building and local search optimization.

Link Building & Organic SEO - Ideally, you should well on your way to building links for the holiday season. While low level link building such as blog commenting and directory submissions provide good passive SEO, more active efforts such include:

  • Paid links - Directly bought, or through sponsorships and partners.

  • Widgets & Quizzes- Incorporate pop culture and symbols of the holiday season in to build links.
  • Good Ol’ Link bait - Get viral, and spread the season’s cheer over social networks such as facebook and twitter.

Local Search Optimization - Don’t ignore local search for online shopping queries and conversions. Some tips to follow include:
  • Change titles to reflect holiday shopping keywords such as New York Toy Store Christmas Gifts.
  • Ask for reviews in all holiday email campaigns with links to appropriate local business citation sources, in both the US and Canada.
  • Ask staff, family, and friends to leave reviews on Google Local and on other sources with context to Christmas and Christmas gifts.
  • Use Google Coupons to stand out from the rest of the listings. Especially in today's tough economic times, coupons can go a long way!
  • Complete all fields in the local business centre that many businesses leave blank: store hours, methods of payment, links, contact details etc.
  • Buy P.O Box addresses in cities or areas represented by your business, but where you do not have a physical location.
  • Insert keywords in your business name for core products and/or services. This can boost conversions
  • Also very important, be sure to select the correct local category listing
  • Last but not least, don't forget to optimize for zip codes - a trend I've noticed lately has been an increase in 'search term' + 'zipcode'

Have any additional tips? Feel free to add them in the comment section!

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