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Top 75 Twitter Tools, Apps & Plugins

So, I have been a member of twitter for some time now. I used it intermittently primarily to see what the experts in the Internet Marketing field did during their day to day lives. It wasn't until I downloaded TweetDeck that being a full-fledged 'Twit' took hold.

I quickly realized that there are tons of tools and Twitter specific websites that many probably don't know about. Like me, these tools or websites could potentially make other's tweeting efforts much easier. With that in mind, I've come up with the following list. I know there are many more so please feel free to add your favorites in the comments and I will be sure to update the list!

Top Twitter Tools

Twootball - Where Twitter meets the NFL Football. Want to make a post about the Jets? Just add #jets to your tweet and your message will appear immediately on the Jets homepage!

Friend or Follow - helps you manage your Twitter contacts by showing who you're following that's not following you back, and who's following you that you're not following back.

Twitscoop - Want to know what's hot on twitter? Use Twitscoop to stay on top of Twitters hot topics or discussions. The results are displayed in a tag cloud.

Twinfluence - Measures the combined influence of twitterers and their followers, with a few social network statistics thrown in as bonus. What is your influence? Just put in your Twitter user name to find out.

Twitpic - TwitPic lets you share photos easily on Twitter by posting pictures to TwitPic from your phone, TwitPic's API, or through the website itself.

Tweetdeck - TweetDeck is an Adobe Air desktop application that is currently in public beta. It is a personal favorite because it separates the large amounts of data into manageable columns - Group messages, Direct messages, Replies, etc.

Quitter - Sends you a short e-mail when someone stops following you on Twitter.

Twitter Grader - Twitter Grader gives you a grade based on the power of your Twitter profile. Not only that, based on your description the tool suggests 'like-minded' Twits to follow on Twitter. (I scored a 96.6 out of 100)

Web Design Experts on Twitter - Looking to connect with web designers? Thomson Chemmanoor has done a lot of the legwork for you! His web designer Twitter list will give you a chance to follow some very talented web designers

Twithire - Review job openings or post an open position for programming or design specifically. There is also an 'other' category that includes all jobs under the sun.

Tweet Later - As the name might suggest, you can schedule future posts to keep your Twitter stream ticking over with new tweets even when you're not in front of your computer. Or, use it as your personal reminder system. It's best feature in my opinion is the ability to send automated thank you notes to new followers, and automatically follow new followers,
if you choose to do so.

Twhirl - twhirl is a desktop client for Twitter that acts much like an instant messaging client. It connects to multiple accounts: Twitter,, Friendfeed and seesmic. It also allows for cross-posting twitter updates to Pownce and Jaiku

Tweetburner - Allows for both shortening URLs but also provides analytic data on the links your share via Twitter and Friendfeed.

Tweeterized - Provides dynamic Twitter signature images that you can use on forums, websites, myspace profiles and more. The dynamic images display your profile image, last update as well as how long ago you did the update.

Hellotxt - HelloTxt lets you to update your status and read your friends' status across all main
microblogging and social networks all at once.. there are too many supported networks to list. Pretty cool service!

Twerp Scan - A helpful tool to analyze your followers and helps keep an eye on your growing list of friends and followers.

Twitter Karma - A Flash application that fetches your friends and followers from Twitter, then displays them for you, letting you quickly paginate through them. You can sort the list alphabetically either ascending or descending by Twitter ID. You can filter the list in several ways: only friends or only followers, all friends or all followers, and mutual friends.

Twubble - Twubble simply helps you find more friends by analyzing your friends graph and picking out twits you might like to follow.

Twittervision - A real-time geographic visualization of posts to Twitter. Keep in mind, you profile must have a location and an image defined to appear on the public feed.

Twittermeter - Twitter meter let's you query an index of all the words that have been sent to twitter's public timeline since 11/6/2007. The data then plots the number of times that word was used over time.

GroupTweet - This cool service allows grouptweet piggy-backs on the Twitter service via the Twitter API. All you need to do is set up a group!

TweetStats - Pulls together cool graphs based on your Twitter posting habits. Includes graphs for Tweets per hour, Tweets per month, Tweet timeline and reply statistics.

Twittervision - See where in the world people are submitting tweets from, real time.

TwitThis - Allow visitors to your site to easily share a page or post via Twitter.

MoniTwitter - Receive important updates about your site via Twitter.

TwitterNotes - Share private or public notes via Twitter.

RSS2Twitter - Share any RSS feed on Twitter, and have new RSS items automatically be tweeted.

TwitterBuzz - Find out what is being most linked to on Twitter.

Twitterholic - Shows the top users and accounts on Twitter.

iTweet - A mobile Twitter site designed for the iPhone.

iTwit - Mobile version of Twitter made for the iPhone.

Tweeter - Twitter on your mobile phone while avoiding text message charges.

Jargong - Browse Flickr, do some social networking, but most importantly, check and publish tweets.

WildSets - Extensve Twitter app for mobile phones.

TwitterBerry - Twitter built for various BlackBerry devices. Update and view timelines with ease.

jTwitter - View timelines, enter updates, and more, all on your mobile phone.

TreoTwit - Easily check and update your Twitter right from your Treo.

TwitBin - Send and view tweets right within Firefox.

TwittyTunes - A FoxyTunes addon that posts what you’re currently listening to Twitter.

Shareaholic - Share links and webpages via Twitter right within Firefox.

Search Plugin - Tweet right from the Firefox search box.

Tweetbar - Put Twitter on your Firefox sidebar.

Twippera - Twitter widget for Opera that can send and view tweets.

TwitterFox - Compact Firefox extension that can publish and view tweets.

Twitterverse - Search through archived public timelines and tweets.

Twittersearch - Search Twitter and tweets by word.

Terraminds - Search for specific users or tweets.

TwitDir - Allows user to search for users by name, location, or username.

Tweetr - Submit tweets, upload files, urltea built in, delete messages.

Spaz - Cross-platform client built with AIR.

Tweeter - Java based client with customizable UI.

Twinja - AIR based client which allows you to follow users on the fly.

Triqqr - Submit tweets directly to Twitter and view user profiles.

Pwytter - Cross platform Python Twitter client with Asian character support.

Teletwitter - Experimental open source client.

TwitBox - View and submit tweets, see replies and direct messages, delete your own tweets, and multiple account support.

Twitterlicious - Update Twitter status, easily check replies and direct messages.

Twitteroo - Client with rurl URL shortening, clickable links and tweets, customization, and both public and friend timelines.

Chirrup - Twitter client with extensive Japanese language support.

TwittIt - Extremely compact and simple app for submitting tweets.

MadTwitter - A reincarnation of Twitterrific, except on Windows.

Tweetwheel - A cool tool that, in graphical form, shows which of your friends know each other.

Twitt(url)y - Twitturly is a service for tracking what URLs people are talking about as they talk about them on Twitter.

Twitter CLI - Post tweets via the command line.

What’s Up? - Gadget that allows you to see latest tweets from your friends.

Twadget - Simple gadget that lets you view and submit tweets right from Vista’s Sidebar.

KipFolio Widget - Simple Twitter widget for KipFolio.

Twitter-Sync for Yahoo - Syncs Twitter status with Yahoo Messenger status.

TwitterYM - Simple Yahoo Messenger status updater.

Twessenger - Updates Live Messenger status to reflect latest tweet.

Twit4Live - Set status message as latest tweet, send tweets from within Live Messenger, and send tweets to contacts.

Twitterment: Search Twitter using keywords, and compare the buzz between different words.’s GPS Twitter: Adds your current GPS-based location to your Twitter feeds from your mobile phone.

Twitter Tool: Give your WordPress blog the Twitter treatment.

Twitterphone - Send messages to Twitter by speaking your message.

Got any others I may have missed?? Add them below!


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This is a really nice list. Thanks for posting it! I can't wait to explore them and probably will wind up using at least one, probably more of them.

E. Sheppard said...

I really like your list. I am sure that more than one application will be very useful. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Check out! It makes a cool Twitter background made up of the profile photos of the people you follow!

Antwon Davis said...

Another great app that I just stated using today that will definitely make my twitter-experience a lot smoother is...


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Awesome app!

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Great job organizing this and putting it all together. This is a great resource. Thank You

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Great list.. Thanks for this!