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Holiday Retail PPC Strategies

So, this post will be short and sweet. With the holidays right around the corner, I wanted to point a couple key dates that every pay per click marketer should be focused on. Shift budget, changed ad copy, expand keywords, etc but make sure your accounts are 'live' and online all 24 hours during these huge retail days!

2008 Expected Busiest Shopping Days of Holiday Season:
  1. Black Friday: 11/21/2008
  2. Cyber Monday: 11/24/2008
  3. Green Monday: 12/08/2008

Here are a couple additional trends to focus on for the holiday season:

  1. All Mondays during the month of December tend to generate more revenue than other days during the week.
  2. On average, the first and second week in December are the highest revenue generating days online.

One final note .. make sure you are calling out your promotions, competitive price points, etc in your ad copy and reinforcing it on your landing pages! Here's to big holiday retail sales!

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Gert Hough said...

Being that you can predict that certain dates should show a rise in sales online, and using that together with PPC is just brilliant.

It makes me think that I have to find out which days people will be responding to blogs posts better :-)

That way I can write a blogpost and publish it at my blog only on those days...