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MSN adCenter New Updates: Pause Ads & Keywords

I just got an e-mail full of new features now available in adCenter. In addition, the new adCenter interface has gone through a light design update - what are your thoughts on the new re-branding?

Regardless, here are a few quick notes included in the e-mail:
  • Pause the delivery of your ads and keywords. Now you have more control and flexibility as you manage your campaigns.
  • Receive better help with disapproved ads and keywords. Get easier-to-find information about the reasons for the disapproval and how to update the ads and keywords for resubmission.
  • Create multiple users for your account. You’ll find new options for easily creating multiple account users and assigning user permissions.
To get step by step instructions on the new features you can also visit the what's new with adCenter website.

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