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Yahoo Explains "Insert Keyword" Feature

Using Yahoo's "Insert Keyword" To Increase Quality Score.

Our friends over at the Yahoo Search Marketing Blog are providing some additional detail on increasing Quality score through the use of the 'insert keyword' feature when you create a new ad or edit an existing one.


The Insert Keyword feature, available when you create a new ad or edit an existing one, is useful for speeding the ad creation and editing process. But did you know it can also help increase your ads’ quality?

Here’s how. You’ll notice that when you create or edit an ad, you are shown the prompt “+ Insert Keyword Automatically” when you click into either the Title or Description(s) dialogue boxes:

Click “+ Insert Keyword Automatically” and you get a prompt like this:

In the dialogue box, enter your “default text.” Your default text should be something that can serve as an overall description for all of your keywords in case the actual search term exceeds character limits. For example, if you’re in the wine business, your default text might be, simply, “Wine.”

“{KEYWORD:Wine}” would then appear in the dialogue box.

You then wrap the rest of your title copy around “{KEYWORD:Wine}.” For instance, you might write, “Buy Premium{KEYWORD:Wine}.”

But here’s the snazzy part: Your ad’s title won’t necessarily appear as “Buy Premium Wine.” Rather, once a searcher has entered one of your keywords—”Chardonnay,” for example—the turbines of our mighty engines kick-in and, in an instant, your ad title appears as “Buy Premium Chardonnay.”

That’s probably a lot more clickable to someone shopping for Chardonnay than the generic “Wine,” right? Again, the default text will appear only if our engines determine that using the search term would exceed our character limits.

The same goes for your short and long descriptions, though we’ve noticed that placing the keyword in the title is even better than placing it in the description.

Take advantage of the Insert Keyword feature, as well as other features like ad testing and geo-targeting, to help make your ads as relevant as they can be.

You can read more about Yahoo's changes to ad copy or ideas on Quality Score.

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