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Pay Per Click Account Quick Fixes - Part 1

I know I have focused on these topics previously (as well as low quality score, low conversions and more) but I will be passing along a 3 part series on pay per click account quick fixes: low click-through rate (Part 1), low traffic (Part 2), low ad position (Part 3). Enjoy!

Low Click-through Rate

First things first - you need folks to click on your ads. The realty on SERPs is getting more crowded each quarter, and drawing a user’s attention to your ad, and enticing them click on your pay per click ad, is one of the core challenges of pay-per-click management. If your CTR is not performing the way it should, here are some quick fixes:

  1. Write new ad texts! Now, this may seem obvious, but it needs to be said. Take your best performing ad text, pause the rest, and use this remaining ad as your control ad. Ask yourself a few questions: what made your best ad successful; why did the the other ads fail? Do not forget to review your competition! Determine how you can differentiate your message, and call-to-action. Determine which phrases, benefits and headlines work best, then write those new ad texts.
  2. Once you’ve inserted your new ad texts - get to testing! For successful split testing you need to set your ad serving option within AdWords to Rotate (show ads more evenly). Within Yahoo you need to set your match to ‘Advance’ rather than ‘Standard.’ If you do not choose these setting, AdWords and Yahoo will determine and display your best performing ad texts - which would result in an inaccurate test.

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