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Increasing MSN AdCenter's Ad Effectiveness

Good-looking, relevant ads can make a big difference to the success of your search campaign. If your ad appears professional and your text matches your keywords and what you offer, searchers will be more likely to click through and visit your site. MSN offers a number of quick tips below for increasing CTR, conversions and ultimately revenue. Enjoy:)
Quick Advice
    • Match the tone of your ad to your product’s price point and positioning, and include the top benefits your customers are looking for.
    • Direct your ad to unique landing URLs, so that searchers can easily find your offer.
    • If you’re targeting a certain geographic area, be sure to include that location in your ad.
    • Make sure titles are between six and 25 characters, descriptions are between six and 70 characters, and the display URL is no more than 35 characters.
    • Microsoft adCenter allows you to create up to 20 ads per order and automatically shows the better performing ads more often. Use this to your advantage and test multiple ads at once.
    • Consider using dynamic text in your ad to make the ad more relevant to the searcher's query.

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