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Yahoo Search Marketing Pricing Change Webinar

Last month, I blogged about Yahoo increasing minimum bids. Basically, they are moving their bid model more and more in line with the way Google prices a click. In Yahoo's case, a minimum bid can be either above or below .10 cents depending on the quality and value of the specific term.

If your account has been affected by this new pricing model, you probably recieved an e-mail at some point that looked like this:
Subject line: Alert Notification: Keywords Pending Inactivation

Dear Advertiser

Minimum bid requirements have increased for [account name].
Some of your active Sponsored Search keywords will soon become inactive.
Review bids now.
So, if you are still unclear about how your minimum bids are set for Yahoo's Sponsored Search, a free webinar for advertisers will be held on Thursday, May 29, to help you understand the change.

The webinar will:

  • Walk you through the changes associated with the pricing update
  • Provide an overview of new account features and functionality
  • Share best practices for keyword and ad quality management
  • Present sample scenarios of how your account might be affected
  • Offer best practices for working with minimum bids

To register:

Click here to go to the webinar registration pages. First-time webinar registrants will need to create a password of between 4 and 32 characters. If you are unable to attend either webinar, an archive of the webinar will be available in Yahoo's Help Center.


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