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MSN Ad Excellence Accreditation Review

I've recently been researching the MSN Ad Excellence Accreditation Review. As I have already achieved the Professional Adwords accreditation and passed the test to become a Yahoo! Ambassador I figured I should start pursuing the tri-fecta!

I stumbled across this blog post - basically a quick review of MSN's accreditation process and test! I figured I would share with the rest of you should you be interested in pursuing this certification as well.

MSN Ad Excellence

MSN Ad Excellence Test:
1 Hour
100 Questions (1.6 a minute)

MSN Ad Excellence vs. Google AdWords Accreditation:

You really have to understand that the Google and MSN tests are very different. It’s not because Google leads the market that their test is harder! Quite the opposite actually: as Search Marketers run more campaigns on Google than MSN, they easily forget that MSN has many features that Google does not offer, and therefore test questions!

What to Look out for:

Therefore look out for questions asking you about the Dynamic Keyword Insertions as MSN has many more than Google: {param1} and {param2} placeholders, the {keyword} insertion tool (different to Google, spot the difference), and the Credit Card billing cycle.

Where to revise for your test:

The Ad Excellence Classroom is a place where you can go revise your test. Make sure you go through each lecture at least once.

Why its important to pass the test:

MSN has made some huge improvements in the past 6-12 months. Their interface has improved, their customer service is great, and their AdCenter lab tools are really useful if used in the right way, as they can give you info you’ll find nowhere else (keyword’s commercial intent, demographic prediction…).

You can read the full Ad Excellence Accreditation Review here.

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