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5 SEO Tips From Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts Shares 5 SEO Tips with USA Today

USA Today recently asked Google's Matt Cutts for tips to help sites rank in their search engine. Cutts offered up 5 tips plus a word of advice in implementing the tips. Here they are:

  1. Spotlight your search term on the page. If you want to be found for your keyword, make sure that term is on the page you want to rank. The term should be at the top as well as peppered throughout your copy.
  2. Fill in your "tags." The two most important tags are Title and Description becuase that is what is displayed in the search results.
  3. Get other websites to "link" back to you. This is one of the most important of the 100 factors Google considers when determining search engine rankings.
  4. Create a blog and post often. This can help you get links and generate new content.
  5. Register for free tools. Cutts recommends using the tools at google.com/webmaster, as well as creating a text-based sitemap www.xml-sitemaps.com, and adding your business to Google's Local Business center (google.com/local/add)

And that word of advice? Don't overdo it. In other words, don't stuff your pages full of keywords in order to 'cheat' your website into better rankings.

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