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Google's Testing Pay Per Action (PPA) Model

So, I have heard arguments going both ways regarding using Google's conversion code and URL tracking. After all, why would you want to the let the company 'determining' how much a click is worth know which keywords are converting and boosting your bottom line? I happen to like being able to log into my accounts, quickly determine which ads are converting, which keywords are converting and how the overall Campaign is functioning - and it is a free tool!

I am hoping Google's new cost model will provide a further way to keep ROI in check!

Google has been working on a pay-per-action (PPA) model by which, instead of paying per impression or per click on served ads, advertisers only make payment when users complete a predefined action. Such activities can include making a purchase or registering for a newsletter, reports MediaPost.

Today Google expands its PPA beta to a number of advertisers on AdWords.

Beginning today, advertisers with conversion tracking and over 500 conversions from CPC- or CPM-based campaigns in the past month will be added to the PPA beta on a rolling basis. Options to build campaigns and set the parameters for conversions will appear in their AdWords accounts.

Some marketers perceive PPA as a new attempt by Google to reignite business from advertisers who may feel burned by ever-escalating PPC costs and a paltry ROI.

The global beta, released in March, launched in 24 languages.

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